WebbToys has released Krytton, a text-file search engine for the PowerPC.

The program is ideal for frequently changing text files, and offers an alternative to Sherlock.

Krytton, unlike Sherlock, does not rely on indexing to provide accurate results, according to the company.

Krytton lets users save both search and results sets. Either of these can be searched through. The manufacturer claims this lets the user "dig deeper and deeper until you find what you want, when you want it". The search program can save all results from multiple searches into a single-search set, which can become a master index of all important documents.

A drag-&-drop feature means files need only be dragged - and dropped - onto a Krytton window to create immediate links between a new search set and a file.

Krytton is freeware. A step-by-step description of how it works is available from WebbToys.