WebGain is to include Macromedia's Dreamweaver UltraDev in its e-commerce development solution, WebGain Studio.

Together, the technologies enable a single visual-development environment that speeds development for anything from simple projects to enterprise-class solutions, such as e-commerce stores.

Cross platform Kevin Lynch, president of products for Macromedia, said: "The powerful combination enables developers to work more efficiently when creating Web applications across diverse databases, application servers and operating systems."

Dreamweaver UltraDev is a visual authoring solution that can be used to create and edit data-driven Web applications on multiple server platforms. It has all the Web authoring features of Dreamweaver, and can be customized and extended using Web standards such as XML, HTML and JavaScript.

WebGain Studio is a Java-based development environment with a rich, visual user-interface that helps developers create dynamic Web-based e-commerce applications.