Apple has released MultiCountry updates for WebObjects that will work with all OS-language versions of the application.

WebObjects is Apple’s application-server framework for the Web, and is often used to develop Web-based e-commerce applications. It can link-up with databases, and offers server-management features.

The patches - WebObjects (GdbFixes) for Mac OS X Server, Windows NT server and Solaris servers each consist of a new applications library and fixes for bugs and command problems in WebObjects' relationship with these three server operating systems.

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, stunned developers attending Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in May this year when he announced that Apple had chosen to slash the price of WebObjects, which became available for £479 in the UK.

WebObjects 5 for Java was originally scheduled for release later this year. The application is expected to be built entirely on Java code. This will enable developers to build Web-based applications capable of running on any server.