Apple has released the first update of WebObjects 5.0 for Mac OS X Server 10.0.4 and Mac OS X 10.0.4.

The company recommends that all WebObjects 5.0 users install the update, which is available as a multi-country patch for Mac OS X (versions 10.0.4 and above), as well as to Solaris and Windows 2000 servers.

WebObjects 5.0 is Apple's Java-based application-server and builder for Web publishing and in-house application-development. Version 5.0 was announced in May 2001.

Grab a JAR The update includes modified WebObjects, client-side Java classes and JARs (Java Archive) files, which contain image and sound data for Java applets. These are gathered into a single compressed file for faster use and download.

Two updates are available: WebObjects 5.0 Developer and Web Objects 5.0 Deployment. Apple claims that users will not need to install both updates on any system. The Developer version is for machines used to design sites running Mac OS X 10.0.4, or later. The Deployment version is for Mac OS X Server 10.0.4, or later.

Apple is providing detailed instructions for installation of the updates. The updates are available for download from Apple's Knowledge Base. Knowledge Base requires cookies be enabled in your Web browser. The updates are also available through the Software Updates feature of OS X.

WebObjects 5.0 costs £492.