Apple has released a MultiCountry update for its Web site administration and application building environment, WebObjects 4.5.1.

This is the first update for WebObjects 4.5.1 for Mac OS X. Apple recommends the update be installed by anyone using the application with Mac OS X. The update can be applied to any language version of WebObjects.

WebObjects is Apple's solution for transaction management, dynamic data-access and online content-generation. It also integrates Java support, so that Java applications can be conjoined with applications built in WebObjects. It consists of an application server, development tools and a series of deployment tools. It also supports a selection of open Internet standards, including XML (Extensible Mark-up Language) and Unicode.

The company has published a read me file for the update. Among its instructions is the warning that WebObects must be installed on the same partition that holds Mac OS X, or it will not function correctly.