Tenon Intersystems has released the source code for the WebTen Apache module development kit to the Open Source community, to help ease the move to Mac OS X for Mac-based WebSTAR plug-in developers.

The distribution includes dynamic module Apache plug-in support and the Mac OS Toolbox application, Program Interface, (API) for building hybrid UNIX/Mac modules.

WebTen was launched in 1997 and brought Apache to the Mac for the first time. It extended that application to support WebSTAR-style plug-ins. Mac OS X will eventually be available with built-in Apache – so WebSTAR plug-in developers will want to build Apache modules.

Tenon is also releasing an Open-Source development-tool suite – called Open-WebTen – that makes the transition from WebSTAR plug-ins to Apache modules easier.

The aim is to allow either the Mac OS or Mac OS X server to be used as the platform for the development of Apache modules for eventual deployment on Mac OS X, or on Linux servers.