To celebrate the relaunch of AppleCentre Brighton & Hove, Solutions Inc. is holding a week of free workshops and seminars from next Monday. There will be demonstrations of 3D modeling, education, networking, music and OS X. The company claims that the events will also be "ideal" for switchers from Windows.

Monday June 9's theme will be "The 3rd Dimension": Bring your designs to life. Computer-generated environments that are so good you can virtually taste the ambience."

Tuesday June 10: "Classrooms of the Future", including free workshops in iMovie, Interactive Whiteboard use, Kar2ouche, and GameBreaker.

Thursday June 12: "Networking and X-Serving", looking at Xserve, with a sneak preview of QuarkXPress 6.

Friday June 13: "The Sound of Music" is an opportunity to try out the very latest music technology on OS X.

Saturday June 14: "OS X-Treme", in which you can "create your own extreme films and capture a once-in-a-life-time picture with Apple iLife and Final Cut Pro".