Independent software developers have been busy this week, and Macworld UK's news editor has chosen a few of the plethora of great independent software being developed for Macs to highlight in this week's indie software round-up.

Griffin Technology has updated its free Final Vinyl software to version 1.1. Final Vinyl exists to help Mac users digitize their vinyl collections and has been developed to work with the company's iMic or PowerWave products.

Final Vinyl lets users connect their turntable direct to the Mac (using iMic or PowerWave) with no need to run the signal through an amplifier. The Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) update also offers sound waveform-based cue editing; faster performance and lower CPU requirements. Users can manually set the entry and exit point of tracks while the application can dynamically set and adjust audio levels.

Apple offered its .Mac subscribers a free copy of Lifli Software's iBlog, an all-in-one solution for publishing weblogs. This week the developers introduced iBlog 1.3.5 – an update that introduces extensive support for iLife 04. This support means bloggers can import images from iPhoto and music from iTunes into their blogs. iBlog users can also customize image sizes. The software costs $19.95.

Developers at Hamrick Software continue their work to ensure that OS X users can continue to employ their existing scanners, introducing another update for its $59.95 VueScan software. VueScan 7.6.79 supports a wide field of scanners, including most high-quality flatbed and film scanners. The application offers good colour management, batch scanning support and options for scanning faded slides and prints. This update adds support for 'infrared cleaning' on Epson's 4870 scanner.

Stairways Software has issued a point upgrade to file transfer application Interarchy 7.0.1. Interarchy can upload and download files using FTP, SFTP and FTP over SSH. Users can also download entire websites using the application, which additionally can provide information about a user's Internet connection. This application costs $39.

Independent developer Trygve Inda has updated his dynamic desktop software EarthDesk to version 2.5. EarthDesk replaces the static desktop picture with an animated, real-time rendered image of the Earth that updates continuously in the background. EarthDesk offers eleven different maps, political and satellite views and renders accurate sun, moon and city lighting. The update adds map centring and zoom support for all its projections, and lets users with multiple displays assign a separate map to each one. EarthDesk costs $19.95.

Japanese developer Infinisys has updated its own popular screensaver, After Dark and Fish, which costs $18. This fixes a bug that stopped background graphics displaying in the NewFishX screensaver in Panther. It also improves the behaviour of the animations.