This week's news from the channel includes the addition of 4 Sight Fax to the Square Group portfolio, the gradual arrival of the Dual 2GHz G5, and a new Apple Centre Web page.

Square Group Adds Fax Square Group has announced the addition of 4 Sight Fax to its communications distribution portfolio.

Director Darren King said: "This will further enhance our commitment to the Macintosh marketplace. With the demise of Glenwarne's Fax Express, 4 Sight Fax is the only cross-platform fax solution and is fully carbonized to run under OS X."

Square Group will shortly be launching a side-grade offer for users of Fax Express to move over to 4 Sight Fax. For further information email [email protected] or call 020 7692 6810.

Dual G5s make an entrance After weeks of delays the Dual 2GHz Power Mac G5 is starting to arrive in the channel.

Cool Mac director Narinder Chandi said: "Our first installment of Dual G5s arrived on Monday. It's nice to have something to sell at last."

Some resellers are still awaiting arrival of the G5 flagship, but are confident that the wait will soon be over. AT Computer director Mark Newcombe said: "We haven't received Dual 2GHz G5s yet, but we expect to see them by the end of next week."

Resellers had been given a total of eight expectation dates for the dual-processor G5 including early August, August 10, August 22, Late August, Early September, September 8, September 19, and September 26.

One disgruntled customer said: "The mismanagement of the G5's release is the grossest incompetence I have ever seen. I wonder if Apple even has a department or at least one person in charge of Logistics Management."

The arrival of the recently launched iMacs, iPods and PowerBooks in the channel has surprised some resellers who had become disgruntled with Apple following the drought of products experienced this summer, but demand still exceeds supply.

Newcombe said: "We have received new PowerBooks, iMacs and iPods – but not enough to satisfy pre-orders."

Apple issues Apple Centre criteria Apple UK has added a new Apple Centres section to its Web site, outlining the criteria resellers must match to achieve Apple Centre status.

These include: "Quality of showroom, service and third-party product offerings, experience and expertise of sales advisors." A demonstration area, leasing and financing options and Saturday opening are also required.

According to Apple the Centres "were designed to help create a network of élite resellers that would offer Mac users the ultimate shopping experience."