Adobe is aiming for double-digit revenue growth in its 2004 fiscal year, the company said yesterday.

Speaking at its annual autumn financial analysts meeting in New York, company CEO Bruce Chizen said: "Despite the challenges faced by most technology companies during the past year, Adobe has reported year-over-year revenue growth in each of its last four quarters.

"Helping drive this performance was one of the richest product release cycles in our history, as well as the traction we made penetrating the enterprise market with our Acrobat-based document solutions."

The company's strategic direction to accomplish this in 2004 includes pushing Photoshop into consumer markets, continued focus on Creative Suite, and Acrobat-based solutions.

Adobe described that strategy as "enhancing and extending its publishing platform for creative professionals, expanding Photoshop into the consumer digital photography market, and enabling organizations to migrate to intelligent document workflows".

Chizen said: "For many of our customers, Adobe technology has become mission-critical. They're now demanding the kind of technological innovation that results in even greater functionality and increased integration.

"Our mission now is to build on our three core platforms – creative professional, consumer and enterprise – to provide our customers with even greater value, now and over time.

"As we continue to execute on this strategy, we will partner with more companies, advance and support more industry standards and extend our core platforms into new markets."

On its PDF products, Chizen said: "We see the demand for document services as an important market opportunity for us as we increase our presence in enterprise environments."

Adobe's 2003 quarter ends on November 28. Its shares closed at $42.04 yesterday.