Westlake Interactive has announced details of several of its projects.

Westlake is on schedule to soon deliver Pro Skater 2, Alice, and Tomb Raider Chronicles, as all three titles have reached Final Candidate status.

Westlake yesterday said: "The Tomb Raider Editor starts on the beta-test today, and is working very well. We have been able to build our own Tomb Raider levels, output them from the editor, run them through the special conversion tools and play them in the special Tomb Raider Level Player, all on the Mac. The Level Editor comes with a well written tutorial that gets you up and running in no time."

American McGee's Alice and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 should be ready to go into production over the next few weeks. Native-Mac OS X versions of both Alice and Pro Skater 2 will ship in the box.

Further details concerning the Open AL version of Unreal Tournament and the Rune expansion pack have also been announced. The expansion pack is now in beta testing. Westlake also announced that work on the Deus Ex Multiplayer patch is almost complete. This version brings the game into sync with the latest Windows version. The Unreal Tournament updater is currently being beta tested and will support SoundBlaster! Live cards on Open AL. Open AL is the same engine used for the recently released free download Marathon tribute-game, Rubicon.

All the forthcoming titles will be distributed in the UK by Softline.