Which? – the magazine of the UK Consumer's Association – has awarded Apple's iPod its "best buy" for MP3 players.

In its November edition, the magazine says: "We're smitten with the iPod. Previously, it was the preserve of Mac users, but there are now PC-compatible versions as well."

The feature ("Choosing and using personal stereos") focuses on the 5GB Windows-compatible version of the device. The review remarks: "It's incredibly small and light for a hard-disc player."

The device (which starts at £259) wins more praise for its ease of use, fast FireWire-based copy times, and software.

Apple's MP3 player beat off competition from Sony, Creative Jukebox and Archos, among others. Digital-audio specialists Creative Jukebox was a close runner up with its £325 Creative Jukebox 3 DAP-HD003. Although it was "bigger and heavier than the iPod". The product contains a 20GB drive; supports FireWire and USB, but isn't Mac compatible.

MP3 players were scored for sound quality, performance, ease of use and features.