Reports have reached Macworld - from an Apple mail-order reseller - of a major error in the initial UK shipments of the new Power Mac G4. According to sources, Apple apparently installed PowerPC G3 chips instead of the higher-powered G4 processor.

While the world waits for the delayed 450MHz and 500MHz "Sawtooth" G4 Power Macs (held up by a shortage of G4s from chip-maker Motorola), Apple has only had the older architecture 400MHz G4 available for its new systems.

This most recent revelation casts a further shadow over the previously lauded roll-out of new high-end systems. Apple does seem to be on track at a rapid roll-out of its new iMacs, but a series of glitches and errors is fast taking the shine from the cool Graphite minitowers.

Apple UK was unavailable for comment.