The 20GB Aireo 2 from SoniqCast is the world’s first digital music player to feature an integrated WiFi module.

This means that users get wireless broadband connectivity to their computer network, and the Internet, to download music, news, weather, finance, and sports. The device also integrates a built-in WiFi hotspot locator.

It also features an FM transceiver – so users can listen to FM radio and also transmit music from the device to other compatible hardware. Because of the ability of the player to transmit music on a radio frequency it is unlikely to be available in the UK, as that feature would make the device illegal here.

The Aireo 2 features a USB 2.0 connection and two audio-out jacks (so two people can listen to the music). It has a 2.3-inch LED display and supports MP3, WAV and WMA formats, but not Apple's AAC.