Mac users looking to sell their computers or hard drives, or creative shops looking to upgrade their existing installations have always faced a problem with data security - even deleted data can be recovered from a functioning hard drive.

Apple has taken steps to address this, introducing the 'Secure Empty Trash' feature, which overwrites data on the drive. Another option for users looking to pass a Mac onward is to completely reformat the drive - but now there's another way, in the form of WiebeTech's newly announced Drive eRazer.

Drive eRazer is like a digital shredder for hard drives. It works independently of your Mac - it doesn't need to be connected to a computer to delete data held on external drives, users simply need to plug the drive they wish to delete into the device.

The solution can fully erase a drive at an estimated 35MB/s - a 250GB drive will be erased in two hours. It will erase every bit of data on the drive so there's nothing left to recover. With the standard Drive eRazer, a single data pattern is written once across the whole disk, erasing also Host Protected Areas and partitions.

A Pro model gives the user access to both single-pass mode and multi-pass mode.

Several versions of Drive eRazer are available:

DRZR-1: Standard version for 3.5" IDE/PATA Drives - £59

DRZR-2: Pro Version for 3.5" IDA/PATA Drives - £89

DRZR-3: 2.5" IDE/PATA, model for notebook drives - £89

DRZR-2-VBND: 2.5"/3.5" SATA or IDE/PATA - £118.

All prices exclude VAT.

The £118 Drive eRazer versatile bundle (DRZR-2-VBND) is the Pro model, along with adapters for 2.5" and 3.5" IDE/PATA and SATA drives.

Drive eRazer is on sale now in the UK from AM Micro.