A Sunday tabloid paper has uncovered a plot to kill former Apple UK managing director Jon Molyneux that was hatched by his estranged wife.

An undercover reporter from the Sunday People was "hired" by 40-year-old Shelley Molyneux for £20,000 to kill her wealthy husband "so she could get her hands on his personal fortune totalling more than £1 million", the paper reported.

'Bastard' The "greedy redhead" is reported by the paper as saying: "I have spent 20 years with a man who has been an absolute bastard. He has been making my life hell. He wants to destroy me but I will not let him keep doing this to me. I hate him. I want him gone forever."

Jon Molyneux, 41, departed Apple in June 1999 to take up a £175,000-a-year position as chief executive of the Internet business directory, Scoot.com.

The paper explains that it became involved after receiving a tip-off about mum-of-four Shelley Molyneux's plans to kill her husband – and sent a fake hit man in co-operation with Scotland Yard.

Carjacking It describes how she suggested making the execution look like a fatal carjacking, and that she handed over photos of her husband and details about his movements before "listing the £600,000 insurance, £500,000 house and £230,000 bank accounts she would inherit".

It continued: "To give herself an alibi, she coolly flew abroad last week for a skiing holiday with her new lover and three children, expecting her husband to be dead when she returns.

Redhead "But last night the Yard's Flying Squad were waiting to quiz the calculating redhead after we smashed her deadly plans."

The Molyneux's 21-year marriage collapsed a year ago, after he walked out of the couple's luxury Romford home, reports the People. He currently lives with his 25-year-old girlfriend in London.

It goes on to reveal that arguments over a divorce settlement "grew increasingly bitter as Mr Molyneux was forced to step down from his job and become a non-executive director following the collapse of the Internet boom", and that Mrs Molyneux "decided the only way to hold on to her luxury five-holidays-a-year lifestyle was to pay for her heavily-insured husband to be murdered".