AirPort users beware – your neighbours can't be trusted!

That's the message from 2Wire Inc. identified in a recent poll. The results show that 44 per cent of WiFi users: "Would take a peek at their neighbour's wireless network", given the chance.

200 consumers were polled on how they use WiFi in the home. It showed that 21 per cent of WiFi users can see their neighbour's network, and one in 25 "admitted to have accidentally logged-on" to a neighbouring network.

2Wire director of product management Jaime Fink said: "Most wireless access devices have built-in security features such as encryption and password protection. However, users don't always activate these features or know where to find them. As this survey shows, it's not enough to rely on neighbourly spirit to avoid a security breach, whether accidental or deliberate.

"The responsibility lies with manufacturers and service providers to provide guidance and ensure users are properly protected," he said.