Microsoft's desktop dominance may be waning, with Apple attracting a series of high-profile switchers.

Australian IT reports these switchers include:

The White House's former cyber-security and anti-terrorism expert, Richard Clarke - who carries a PowerBook G4, "because it protects his data from more than 99 per cent of all known viruses, worms, network attacks and spyware".

Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg, who recently wrote: "The most effective way to avoid viruses and spyware is to simply chuck Windows and buy an Apple Macintosh."

Also software developer Daryl Forrest - a man who likes Windows XP, but sees the risks of using it as "too high these days".

The report offers anecdotal evidence that Apple's sales are improving, spurred by Windows security concerns and the success of its iPod. "One buyer ordered four G5 iMacs, one for himself and one each for his three children".