Teachers in North Virginia are angry as the education authorities there are forcing them to switch from Macs to PCs – and a host of existing educational resources appear likely to be lost in the move.

Teachers in the Arlington Public Schools District are particularly annoyed because they say they have not been adequately consulted about the move: "Why shouldn't instructional staff be the first to be consulted on instructional issues?" one teacher asked the local Northern Virginia Journal.

Just 40 or 50 of them were involved in the decision-making process, with a larger meeting January 15 inadequately publicized, they claim.

Macs dominate the existing set up in the school area – except in administration. Supporting both systems has taken its toll on the technical staff, decision-makers claim.

"But teachers have hundreds of documents such as worksheets, templates and research projects, which would all be either lost or have to be redone if the PC platform was adopted," the report says.

Director of technology James Carroll has evidently not been watching the Mydoom worm, and is unaware of the in-house platform of choice at the FBI – he claims a move to PCs would make for "better support and more reliable networks."