The International Herald Tribune has published a report detailing the reasons Macintosh users buy Macs.

The publication claims: "Overwhelmingly, users use Macs because, simply put, Macs are better." In other words, they are easier to use, more intuitive and less prone to crashes. They are also simpler to repair and maintain. "A lot of people said that Macs look cool," he says.

Author Lee Dembart asked Macintosh users to write to say why they preferred Mac OS to Windows. He received over 1,000 responses.

Mind your language Other reasons users prefer the Mac included: its better capacity to display and print non-English alphabets; the better implementation of plug-&-play; and backwards compatibility with earlier software versions.

The author also heard from ex-Windows users, who said they'd made the switch because they had grown tired of "fighting" with Windows.

He also discusses Apple's PR department: "Some of the correspondents noted that my experience with the Apple public relations people was typical of the company's hubris and dealings with its customers."

The piece ends with a request for Windows users to answer the question: "Why are you sticking with buggy, difficult Windows?"