The ripples caused by Apple's switcher campaign of a few years ago are still flowing in the UK. The experiences of one man's switch from PC to Mac are documented in today's Independent.

For John Dodds praises the Mac's style and its ease of use. He said: "Good product design leads to a better consumer experience, both physically and mentally."

"My 15-inch PowerBook was a thing of beauty straight out of the box. Even something as mundane as the power supply adaptor is sleek and elegant.

"The elegance extends to the ease with which everything fits together - this really is plug and play."

Having witnessed the havoc wrought by viruses in the PC world, Dodds describes the "prevailing sense of security and safety" he feels in the Mac world. "There's been not a sniff of system meltdown. The sense of considerable computing power and massive processing going on is very evident, but it feels secure behind the OS X firewall and a router; and all with no need for antivirus software," he writes.

Small irritations

His only negative experiences are with organisations providing Internet services that refuse to offer Mac Users the same guarantees of service as they do to Windows users. "This is very irritating. It's as if they think Apple is some weird home-build outfit rather than a top-level innovator. After all, with modern equipment, Internet configuration is pure plug and play," he says.

He also criticises the PowerBook for its lack of incorporated business software, especially considering that the iBook, Apple's consumer-focused laptop, comes with the Apple Works business suite installed. And he bemones the lack of a forward delete key. "You can use a combination of keys, but I've still deleted the wrong text many times."