Apple continues to draw attention from beyond its traditional markets, with mainstream media reports beginning to declare Macs a viable choice for PC buyers.

This morning's New York Post Standard declares: "Macs can work with, yes, everything", in a report that attempts to shoot down the long-held belief that Macs can't network with Windows PCs and applications.

Author Al Fasoldt states: "The Mac is fashionable again, but I still hear a lot of arguments from Windows users afraid to make the switch."

The report lets readers know that Macs can handle all commonly-employed file formats (MP3; Word; Excel; PDF and more).

Fight back techno-fear

Fasoldt takes a moment to praise Apple's success in making Macs easier to network than Windows PCs, saying: "Macs network with Windows PCs better than Windows PCs network with Windows PCs."

The report also looks at some Windows user's concerns that they would need to spend time learning their new system - he points out the trivial nature of many if the differences between the platforms.

"Right. You'd have to learn something new. Such as where you click the close a window - on the left, not on the right as in Windows," he said.

The report also stresses OS X's built-in capability to run most popular USB printers, and its cutting-edge iPhoto software.

"Mac owners, it's time to open the window and shout out in unison: 'We love iPhoto! We love iPhoto.' Windows users who haven't seen or used iPhoto are due for a shock. Whatever camera you have, it just plain connects."