Innovative UK digital music distribution service, Wippit, has begun beta testing a new wireless song download service.

The service will let music fans download full-length audio and video tracks to their mobile devices. It will also offer truetones, polyphonic and monophonic ringtones and wallpapers.

Wireless Wippit currently allows customers to search for MP3’s to download to their PC with a simple SMS message or to bill any downloads direct to their mobile phone. The latest incarnation is completely mobile phone-based.

Wippit founder and CEo Paul Myers, said: When Wippit launched the first legal P2P service in 2001 we offered ringtones so that our users could find everything in one place. After that we introduced the first mobile search facility for MP3’s and downloads, including the incorporation of sound recognition technology. 

"Downloading directly to your mobile phone is the logical next step on the path we’ve been treading since launch. We’ve been waiting for the handset and network capability to catch up, and now it has."

The service is being developed with mobile entertainment provider SlamTV, using technology provided by WebTV.

Products and prices available through the wireless service will include: video (£3); audio (£1.50); truetones (£4.50); polyphonic tones (£3.00) and wallpapers and monophonic ringtones will cost £1.50.