London-based digital music service Wippit has made a deal with BMG that lets it offer the music company's tracks for sale through its service.

Wippit already offers a Windows Audio-based music subscription service. Subscribers can download music files from 200 mainly independent labels for an annual £30.

"Under the terms of the agreement with BMG, Wippit will initially only service subscribers in the UK and Ireland with BMG content. Wippit subscribers can either listen from their PC or make CD copies as desired. Customers will be able to access BMG content via a central server and will not be able to share it on a peer-to-peer level. The content will be protected by digital rights management allowing consumers to burn a limited number of CDs or transfer music to portable players," the company said.

EMI licensed its music to Wippit in October last year.

Wippit CEO and founder Paul Myers said: "We offer music from 200 great labels already and having BMG join us is fantastic for Wippit and music lovers alike. BMG has made available a wealth of world-beating talent for Wippit subscribers to download, with an emphasis on quality."

BMG UK and Ireland director of new media Jon Davis said: "We are continualloy looking for new channels through which consumers can access the artists we represent. 2004 looks like it will mark the year where the legitimate market for digital music comes of age."

Myers observed: "Wippit is supportive of any record company that addresses market demands and makes available quality repertoire for digital downloads. We believe BMG is taking positive action to win over the Internet market by doing exactly this."

Wippit is expected to launch a Web-based platform-agnostic service to distribute music MP3s later this month.