UK-based digital music service Wippit added another 2.4 million songs to its catalogue last night.

Songs come from across the indie music sector, reinforcing the firm's dual availability strategy. Wippit sees its customers purchase four songs in unprotected MP3 format for each one it sells with digital rights management (DRM) protection.

Company CEO Paul Myers said: "Wippit has a solid reputation as a destination for independent music."

Privately owned Wippit sells most tracks in both Windows Media and MP3 format, the latter from the indie labels. Tracks cost as little as 29p each.

In related news in the UK market, Ministry of Sound has revealed its new online store, which also sells tracks in MP3 format, without DRM technology to restrict consumer rights.

The company is making 60,000 tracks available initially, mainly from independent dance labels. Major label downloads will not be sold through the store unless they are licensed for sale without DRM. Tracks will cost 99p.

Further afield, Napster will launch its music service in Japan today. Napster sells tracks restricted by Windows DRM to its consumers, tracks that do not work on iPods.