Apple and company CEO Steve Jobs are in the running for awards once again.

Wired Magazine has announced the nominations for its sixth Wired Rave Awards. 14 awards categories exist, with Jobs a natural nominee in the 'Business Leader' category, and the company's industrial design team nominated in the 'Industrial Designer' category for the iMac G5 and iPod shuffle.

"These nominees are an eclectic mix of people who are changing the world by doing something truly new," said Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine. "They're the innovators who have thrilled and inspired us and shown us what is possible."

Podcasting and Pixar in the frame

Other relevant nominations include: Director of Pixar movie 'The Incredibes', Brad Bird, up for recognition as 'Best Film Director'; Adam Curry, who pretty much drove the concept and technology development behind Podcasting is up for 'Tech Innovator'.

The top award - Wired's renegade of the year sees the following nominees: Howard Stern, "The Howard Stern Radio Show"; Burt Rutan, president and CEO of Scaled Composites; Blake Ross and Ben Goodger, architects of Firefox; Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt, Google; and Jon Stewart, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."

Winners of the WIRED Rave Awards will be honoured on February 22, 2005 at the Rave Awards event in San Francisco and will be published in WIRED’s March 2005 issue.