FireWire implementations appear set to enter new territory: wireless.

The 1394 Trade Association is the body tasked with developing the standard. Its Wireless Working Group (WWG) aims to bring FireWire into wireless implementations. Today, the group is working at developing a 1394 Protocol Adaptation Layer to 802.11. This theoretically means a direct connection between FireWire-based peripherals and AirPort/WiFi networks.

The Association has also announced that it would support a content-protection scheme employed by leading electronics manufacturers.

An Association working group announced that it has: “Resolved the issue of commercial entertainment content-protection” for devices that support its 1394 (FireWire) PAL for 802.11 (AirPort/WiFi) standard. Effectively, the group has introduced a level of copyright-protection to the mix.

This news comes as the Association prepares for its developers’ conference, which opens tomorrow. It also emerges scant weeks after the giant Computex IT event, held in Taiwan. Here, vendors demonstrated television sets with FireWire built in, further establishing the standard’s potential role in the digital hub.