A Mac port of the Nokia WML Studio is in doubt because of technical problems.

Nokia and Macromedia announced a Windows-only beta of Nokia WML (wireless markup language) Studio at Internet World, London, earlier this year – but hinted that a Mac version was to follow.

The program offers users an off-the shelf solution to enter the world of WAP (wireless application protocol) design.

Nokia’s Claus Aagaard said: "Nokia is not turning its back on the Mac community. We have roots in Windows and Unix, but things are changing. We are approaching the Mac community with our recently-released Nokia Communicator Server for the Mac."

The problem, he says, is not simply the need for a set of Mac-friendly Dreamweaver extensions, but also the Nokia phone simulator and the full Nokia WML gateway. "It needs the full component that you run on your server configured to run just on your local machine."

The gateway transforms the WML file when previewed and compiled into a binary file that goes to the phone simulator. The problem, says Pedersen, is that to create the software that does this is a major undertaking, requiring millions of lines of code and hundreds of software engineering hours.

He added: "To create the code would be a major undertaking, and one that would have to result in more sales for Nokia.

"We continue to monitor the Mac sector for potential technical solutions to the issue, but none exist at the moment."