WoodWing Software has released Smart XML Export, its third plug-in for Adobe InDesign.

Smart XML Export generates XML to re-purpose the contents of InDesign documents, both text and images, for other media such as the Web and online archives.

XML for novices President of WoodWing Software, Erik Schut, says: ''The product allows you to add XML to your current work flow to adapt an InDesign document's content - text and graphics - without having to learn the intricacies of XML.''

Smart XML Export translates InDesign styles to XML tags automatically. After designing a page, users select WoodWing XML from the InDesign Export dialogue box to export XML.

Browser bonus As an option, generated XML Styles can include a style-sheet reference so the XML is viewed directly on the Web with any standard browser.

Smart XML Export will be available for beta testing on multiple sites in early October. The software will ship later this year. UK prices have not been announced.