Working with Belkin, Apple is now offering voice-recording with its best-selling iPod digital-music player. With the new voice recording features, iPod users can use a £39 (including VAT) Belkin Voice Recorder to record and instantly review over 600 hours of lectures, interviews or notes on a 40GB iPod. Once the iPod is connected to a Mac or Windows PC, the voice notes are automatically synced with the computer just like songs and playlists are synced in the iTunes library.

These audio recordings are stored in WAV file format, and can be easily edited or even sent to others via email. The Belkin Voice Recorder for iPod is the first third-party voice-recording accessory to take advantage of these new capabilities in iPod. Belkin’s compact Voice Recorder for iPod is equipped with a high-quality, omnidirectional microphone and 16mm speaker, works with all dockable iPods through the headphone connector and indicates recording status through iPod’s LCD screen.

Apple and Belkin also offer a photo card-reader device for the iPod.

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