UK software developer SoftChaos has released WorkStrip X, its productivity-enhancing tool for Mac OS X.

WorkStrip is a system-wide productivity tool for professionals. It sits on the Desktop, offering an advanced and customizable alternative to the Dock.

This native Mac OS X application offers full support for Apple's Aqua user interface. Its users can organise work into "logical" Workspaces, from which all relevant applications, documents, Web pages and resources can be accessed.

New features in this version include an advanced desktop Trash can, improved and extended file previews, and central URL management so users can access Favourites regardless of browser application. The Trash feature lets users delete data selectively.

Ruth Knight, SoftChaos' marketing director, explains: “Our aim, when designing Workstrip X was for existing users to be surprised at how the product has advanced, and to offer new users an efficient way of working.”

Workspace management has been improved in this version of the application – its possible to navigate folders from within any application. The utility also lets users preview PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and RTF text files, as well as images, QuickTime movies, Flash movies and HTML files.

The application costs £27 and is available online.