Blizzard Entertainment has updated its popular online multiplayer game World of Warcraft to run natively on Intel-based Macs.

World of Warcraft 1.9.3 is a Universal Binary, software that runs natively, without emulation, on both PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs.

PowerPC-based software that has not been optimised to run natively on Intel Macs works under Apple's Rosetta emulation, and is therefore slower than optimised "Universal" code.

Blizzard last month showed Macworld Expo San Francisco attendees a version of its game running on an Intel iMac. It offered better, faster graphics than the G5 iMac can achieve.

World of Warcraft 1.9.3 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later; the game will not launch on older versions of Mac OS X.

A variety of World of Warcraft video trailers for iPod video have also been released: World of Warcraft E3 2005, Battlegrounds, Zul'Gurub, and World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade trailers are all specially formatted for the iPod.