An interactive 3D display has been developed by IO2 Technology.

HelioDisplay creates 3D displays in the air using lasers, drawing input from computers, TVs and DVDs. It also allows interactive applications to be controlled by a finger, instead of a mouse.

"Our first generation version, the Heliodisplay, projects TV, streaming video and computer images into free space, (mid-air)", the company's website claims.

While it's early days for such technologies, the company has just completed its first production unit and claims it is ready to release a limited number of units for sale.

Another company is claiming that they have created the world's first 3D display. Lightspace Technologies DepthCube is the world's first solid-state volumetric 3D display, says the company. Lightspace emphasises that the so called 3D display from IO2 is a "free-surface projection of a 2D display".