An unusual illustrated step-by-step guide to help Apple fans integrate a Mac mini into their kitchen has appeared.

UberGizmo describes the iKitchen as an attempt to create a place in, "the pantheon of ultimate geekiness".

In this case, the project saw the Mac hidden inside the kitchen wall, with ports and LEDs linked to a counter-level wall mounting.

The man behind the project explains: "My father wished to install a computer in the kitchen, hidden, with few to no visible cables. Incorporating a TV into the setup."

The report explains how he disassembled the Mac in order to make sure the various ports and LEDs were accessible through the wall mounting.

These included cannibalizing the LED activity indicators and power buttons, as well as all the Macs connectivity ports.

Triumphant, the hack declares: "The Mac is now completely hidden, and everything works perfectly."

Given the extensive nature of the modifications, the world's first kitchen Mac is now no longer covered by Apple's warranty.