A new competition backed by Apple founder Steve Wozniak offers Apple fans an opportunity to come up with a "killer app" in return for prizes and the chance to have their idea turned into reality.

The My Dream App competition calls for good ideas rather than skilled programmers. Contestants will compete for a slot in the first round of the 24 best entries.

Three developer judges - Austin Sarner (AppZapper), Jason Harris (ShapeShifter), and Martin Ott (SubEthaEdit) - will pick the initial entrants while guest judges will include Steve Wozniak, New York Times columnist and author David Pogue, former Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki, along with Digg.com founder Kevin Rose.

In Big Brother reality-show style the 24 entrants will compete, blog, and further develop their ideas over five weeks, while rest of the users on the site will vote to determine who stays in.

The winners will receive prizes ranging from iPod Shuffles to Mac Books. Their ideas will be made into full shareware applications by the developer judges and published. Royalties will be reserved for each winner.