Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is among 11 names inducted into the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame, the US Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced yesterday.

The Association writes: "While at HP, Wozniak used his technical genius to create a "blue box," a pocket-size phone attachment that made long-distance calls for free. Wozniak united with friend Steve Jobs at HP to form Apple.

"Teaming up with Jobs, Wozniak led the engineering side of the Apple I, a logic board with read-only memory and a built-in video interface. He also played a significant role in the development of the first widely used PC, the Apple II, as well as the Apple IIe and Lisa. In 1985, Wozniak left Apple to take a job combining his two passions, computers and education. Wozniak continues to instruct teachers and students on the basics of computer technology."

The CEA describes its 76-strong Hall of Fame as "recognizing the contributions of the true pioneers of the consumer electronics industry. "Individually, and in some cases, together these individuals made significant contributions to the development of all consumer electronics products. Without their creations, the world would be a very different place," the Association says.

New inductees will have their pictures and biographies on display at the 2004 International CES, the world's largest consumer electronics tradeshow on January 8-11 in Las Vegas. They will be honoured during a special dinner at CEA's Industry Forum, held October 18-20 in San Francisco.