Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak loves and loathes Apple.

He's full of praise for the company's hardware and its strategies, but frustrated that the firm he founded seems to have lost its grip on the user interface lessons attempted in the Apple Lisa.

Interviewed by a Stanford University journalism graduate, he said: "I would try to take us back to the early Macintosh, the failed Lisa-type thinking of philosophies that the human is the centre of the world and the computer gets designed around that person."

Apple software slammed

He also condemns large software makers, such as Microsoft and Apple for delivering buggy software: "It tends to turn out the crappiest products, you know, software-wise. The ones that have the most bugs, the most items that are supposedly in there but don't work."

In a statement that may draw a little ire from Wozniak's former Apple partner, Steve Jobs, he adds: "I get the worst, worst software almost always from Apple." He believes third party software applications are easier to use.

On Mac OS X he observes: "Remember, the people who wrote OS X weren't the people who developed the Lisa and Macintosh."

'I love Apple' - Woz

Wozniak would like to see the pace of change in technology slow down a little: "Software gets huge and complex and we're always moving to the new things rather than fixing old things," he said.

Despite his criticisms, Wozniak remains an Apple evangelist. "I love every part of the Apple world," he said, pointing to Apple's product designs.

"The whole world of Apple works together."