, has published an interesting two-part interview with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

In a frank and candid discussion, Wozniak talks about the early years of Apple and his relationship with Steve Jobs. Mac users who have seen "Pirates of Silicon Valley" will be interested in Woz's comments on the film: "Jobs was very much like he was portrayed there. He was sort of a free-floating hippie who could go a lot of different ways."

"Every one of the events happened. Every one of them. That's what shocked me. They didn't interview one person because they were afraid of legal [issues]. They just did it from research," he said.

Wozniak adds that Jobs hasn't changed much over the years, but "his head was always looking toward business."

The interview also looks at Wozniak's achievements. He managed to build the first disk drive with just five chips - until he did this they had been built using 50 chips.

"I was good at it because way back in high school I fell in love with computers," he said.

In the second part, Wozniak talks about his business, philanthropic and educational ventures, and his new start-up company, Wheels of Zeus.

He also discusses Apple's digital-hub strategy and the way its iLife applications fit together: "It's that level of integration that makes it seem like I've got one world that all works together. That's good for humans," he said.

Discussing his philanthropic efforts, Woz said: "People grow up with different value systems. I never sought money."

Looking back, Wozniak says that when he thinks of all the wonderful things that have happened in his life: "Who could ever want more?".