US firm Danger is in negotiation with European mobile carriers to bring its innovative wireless handheld PDA/Phone to Europe in mid 2003.

Former Apple veterans Andy Rubin and Joe Britt founded Danger in January 2000 with Matt Hershenson.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak supports the firm - took a seat on the company's board last year.

The HipTop Communicator seamlessly connects to wireless networks, offering Internet browsing, instant messaging, email (with attachments), personal-information management, a game, a camera and full mobile-phone features in one device, Danger claims.

The solution is already available in the US through T-Mobile, which calls the product the Sidekick and charges $199. It is a GSM phone powered by an ARM processor, which also carries a full QWERTY keyboard under its grey 240-x-160 pixel flip screen. The device weighs 6.2 ounces, and is 11.6-x-6.5-x-2.8cm in dimension.

Task settings It contains 16MB of RAM and 4MB of Flash memory, and offers 3.5 hours talk time. It can multitask, so a user can be engaged in a phone call while they check email.

The software bundle includes an HTML browser, AOL Instant Messenger, email and SMS applications, an Adress Book, Calendar, To Do list and notes. It can import data from other applications over the Web or via USB.

On taking his seat in the boardroom, Wozniak said: "Danger embodies the excitement, enthusiasm, and passion that innovative technology is capable of producing. It reminds me of Apple's early days, and the focus on building products easy enough for anyone to use."