WWDC tickets came and went, we launched a brand new website, and Adobe unveiled Creative Suite 6. Those stories and more qualify for this week’s edition of the Weekly Wrap, in which we’ll highlight Macworld’s most significant stories from the week gone by.

Now you WWDC it, now you don’t

Apple announced its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Wednesday; tickets were sold out less than two hours later—before 7:30 a.m. Pacific time. Philip Michaels opines that Apple needs to rethink its ticket-selling approach. For the lucky developers who did snag tickets, congratulations. For those who didn't there's an alternative event planned for developers who missed out on WWDC tickets. 

Creative writing

Adobe launched Creative Suite 6, along with Creative Cloud for students and teachers. If you have questions about the latest Adobe Creative offerings, we have a ton of reviews and tutorials about the new software. 

Adobe CS6 review: InDesign

Adobe CS6 review: Premiere Pro

Adobe CS6 review: Illustrator

Adobe CS6 review: After Effects

Adobe CS6 review: Dreamweaver

Adobe CS6 review: Flash Professional

Send in the clouds

It was a busy week for cloud storage solutions: Dropbox made sharing a lot easier, Google unveiled Google Drive, and Microsoft made significant upgrades to SkyDrive, which we dived into on TechHive.

Refresh your cash

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Apple made boatloads of money. Again. The company reported a net profit of $11.6 billion on revenue of $39.2 billion for the quarter ended March 31, 2012. We transcribed the juiciest tidbits from chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer and CEO Tim Cook for your reading pleasure. And we just realized that “The Juiciest Tidbits” would make a swell name for a jazz cover band.


The iTunes Store is prompting many users to set up new custom security questions—and some of those questions seem kind of personal, like “Where was your first kiss?” And I hope I’m not sacrificing too much of my own security to admit publicly that my answer is “on the lips.”