Apple has joined the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium(CalDAV).

This follows the company's revelation that Mail 3.0 will support the open standard for enabling electronic calendar access via WebDAV.

Organisation members include open-source foundations, a research facility and thirteen universities.

"Apple has been a significant contributor to the development of CalDAV and other calendaring standards, and to the work of the Consortium," said Dave Thewlis, executive director of the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium.

"Apple's release of its new iCal calendaring server to the open source community demonstrates a solid commitment to open standards and to interoperable calendaring and scheduling, which are keystones of CalConnect's mission."

Apple will also host the Seventh Roundtable of The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium, together with a CalConnect Interoperability Test Event (C.I.T.E.) on 26-29 September 2006.