Apple has updated its Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard pages on its website, introducing a range of video demonstrations of some of the features discussed by company boss Steve Jobs last night.

Eagle-eyed Mac users will also spot that the company's US website now offers a new look, designed to reflect Apple's move to integrate its user interface across its products.

The company has introduced a range of short videos that illustrate its new OS. Users can watch video demos of the future of the Apple Desktop, Finder, Mail and Time Machine.

The company has also made video demonstrations of Spaces, Quick Look, and Time Machine, and updated the information it is making available regarding Photo Booth, Boot Camp, Parental Controls, Front Row, Accessibility and more.

The pages confirm several improvements that haven't been discussed as yet, including a much-improved interface for DVD Player, which now lets users navigate through their DVDs using a new Image Bar, which shows small pictures of each DVD chapter.

The pages also offer users more in-depth explanations of such features as the implementation of CalDAV in iCal, and more.

Apple's new Leopard pages are available here.