Metrowerks announced CodeTEST Software Analysis Tools 4.0.1 for OS X at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

CodeTEST is described by Metrowerks as "the only comprehensive suite of C/C++ software analysis tools available for OS X."

Developers can use these tools to analyze application performance, including comprehensive code coverage, performance profiling, memory analysis and software trace."

Microsoft Mac Business Unit group development manager Geoff Price said: "Improving the efficiency and depth of our testing for complex products such as Office for Mac is a constant focus for us. The full-featured code coverage reporting provided by the CodeTEST suite promises to help us improve the efficiency and depth of our test coverage."

The software lets developers view the actual execution history of their applications at the source, helping to eliminate the need to stop the system before the analysis is performed, or to provide analysis only on statistical sampling. Performance and memory analysis features help users track timing and dynamic memory allocations with detailed reports to help pinpoint errors, and include trace capabilities to help users locate, view and analyze problem areas quickly and easily.

The product is expected to ship next month and costs $3,000 per licence.