Apple CEO Steve Jobs has commenced his WWDC keynote speech. What follows is a short list of highlights from what he is saying, for direct reportage from the event, the following feeds may be of use:

Macworld US live feed.



- Jobs praises Apple's engineers and others for the seamless move to Intel processors, presents Intel CEO Paul Otellini with a special award.

- Electronic Arts co-founder and chief creative officer Bing Gordon announces plans to bring Command and Conquer 3, Battlefield 2142, Need for Speed Carbon and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to the Mac, starting next month. Also promises sports games.

- id Software owner John Carmack promises Mac-focused announcements with a Quake flavour in future.

- Talk moves to Leopard.

- Shows new translucent desktop and dock. Demos Stacks and shows new downloads folder.

- Finder (which looks a little like iTunes, according to images on EnGadget) lets users search other Macs and servers. Spotlight extends to other Macs. New .Mac feature lets users browse their other Macs and share files, is called 'Back To My Mac'. Also uses CoverFlow in Finder.

- Users can drag items from their home Mac to the Mac they are working from using .Mac.

- QuickLook - preview files without launching relevant application.

- Leopard is 64-bit, but can run 32-bit applications.

- Jobs talks on Core Animation and how it can help developers. Impressive demo, uses OpenGL and GPU acceleration.

- 2.5 million Boot Camp downloads. Talks VMware. Parallels

- Demos Spaces, moves to Dashboard. Shows new film screening widget, which lets you see trailers, too.

- WebClips - drag an element of a web page and turn it into a widget.

- iChat to get some PhotoBooth features and tabbed interface. Better audio, ability to share rich internet media within a chat, also documents.

- Time Machine. Automatically backs everything up, to a local drive, network server or wireless drive connected to AirPort Extreme. Users can Spotlight search for lost file and preview in QuickLook.

- Leopard to cost $129.

- Jobs introduces Safari for Windows, will work on Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Claims it to be twice as fast as Internet Explorer and 1.6 times faster than FireFox.

- New version of Safari is available now in beta form for Mac and Windows users.

- Now the shock of that has worn off, Jobs confirms iPhone to ship in the US at 6pm on 29 June.

- Jobs announces that developers will be able to build applications for the iPhone. Because the device includes a full version of Safari, developers with AJAX orother Web 2.0 app development experience will be able to create applications. As server-side apps, no potential iPhone stability problems should emerge. No development kit required or announced.

- Keynote ends.