FileMaker is demonstrating connectivity between FileMaker Pro 6 and Apple's Web Objects 5.2 and Keynote 1.1 applications at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

FileMaker is using products from FileMaker Solutions Alliance member 360 Works to demonstrate the WebObjects integration. The WebObjects on FileMaker adaptor from 360 Works lets WebObjects 5.2 read and write to a FileMaker Pro database, allowing for database Web publishing.

FileMaker's own free FileMaker to Keynote 1.1 tool lets users take data out of FileMaker databases into native presentations for Keynote. It lets developers extract text, graphics, and chart data from FileMaker Pro 6 databases to build professional quality Keynote 1.1 presentations.

"Integration between FileMaker Pro and Apple's Keynote and WebObjects 5.2 allows both Apple users and developers to benefit from data contained within their FileMaker Pro databases," said FileMaker president, Dominique Goupil.