MakeMusic has released Finale 2007 for Mac and Windows systems.

It's a major upgrade to the popular music notation software, peppered with a range of new productive and creative features. It's a Universal application that works natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.

Linked parts, for example, lets users automatically create and format parts as a score is created. These parts are dynamically linked in order that they always remain perfectly in sync with the score. The link is intelligent - it knows when to enforce consistency and when to allow differences.

Imported digital video is automatically synchronised with notation as users compose, edit and play back their score.

Additional related features include Fit to Time, user-definable frame rates, the ability to write time code to the score and the option to send SMPTE/MTC to external devices.

Additional cutting-edge features include enhanced Human Playback, Update Brackets and Groups, Quick Change, Vertical Collision Remover, updated Playback Controls, enhanced positioning of cross-staff augmentation dots, improved pickup measures, enharmonic spelling in chromatically transposed parts and more.

Additional details and the Finale 2007 Preview - a multimedia Flash presentation of Finale 2007 highlights - are available from the company's website.