Apple's move to Intel chips could help it gain more market share for Mac OS X, but it will be no threat to Linux, according to a report.

"They could start stealing market share from Microsoft should they start licensing out Mac OS X to non-Apple hardware. But they could already have done that with on the PowerPC platform. In fact, by licensing Mac OS X licenses out, it could perhaps have 'saved' PowerPC in the sense that IBM and Freescale have more of a market and economic reason to churn out better and faster processors," writes OS News contributor Rajan Rishyakaran.

Apple is still intent on being a niche market, states the report. Despite its decision to switch to Intel processors, Apple does not intend to run Mac OS X on anything other than a Mac, according to senior VP Phil Schiller.

Nor will the company support the Windows operating system on a Mac with Intel inside, writes OSNews, concluding that Apple's decision to move to Intel chips is no threat to Linux.