LiveTime Software will ship LiveTime Support 2.0 for OS X this week.

LiveTime Support 2.0 is a complete J2EE Web-based technical support and help-desk solution that offers a comprehensive, scalable support infrastructure for organizations.

Features include SMS messaging, email reporting, real-time business metrics and unlimited escalation pathways. The company calls this version a major upgrade.

Company CEO Dr Darren Williams explained: "Real-time reporting is essential for any business to measure the effectiveness, cost and performance of their customer support systems. With the stability of OS X and the power of Xserve, our customers are able to scale a support infrastructure to accommodate thousands of users per server."

A single-user version of LiveTime Support 2.0 costs £717, while a three-user starter pack is £1,797. A five-user business pack costs £2,997. Prices exclude VAT.