Apple's enterprise offering continues to grow with news that Oracle competitor PeopleSoft plans to extend Apple Safari Certification to PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne applications.

"Having previously certified PeopleSoft Enterprise applications on the Safari Web browser, the addition of PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne certification marks the enterprise applications industry's largest commitment to the Macintosh platform," the company said, adding: "This certification demonstrates PeopleSoft's continued commitment to delivering the highest level of platform choice to its customers".

PeopleSoft Tools and Technology general manager Jesper Andersen said: "Since most customers need to support a wide-range of computing environments, enabling their users to access PeopleSoft applications through their choice of Web browser is critical.

"Today's announcement demonstrates the enterprise applications industry's strongest commitment to the Macintosh platform and to Apple users in the enterprise," he said.

PeopleSoft has certified Apple Safari for Enterprise applications with PeopleTools 8.21 and PeopleTools 8.45. In addition, PeopleSoft plans to complete certification for PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne Tools 8.94 in the fourth quarter.

The company describes itself as the world's second largest provider of enterprise application software with 12,200 customers in more than 25 industries and 150 countries.

This news emerges from a WWDC at which Borland, Oracle, NetSuite, Sun and many other enterprise-class providers have announced forthcoming support for the platform.