Today at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) – held at Apple's Cupertino headquarters – developers are staging a FireWire and USB "Plugfest".

Apple says the session is "an opportunity to test USB and FireWire devices". Other sessions to be held today will tackle OS X and Java, OpenGL, speech recognition, QuickTime, and Darwin Streaming Server. Font management and Security will also feature. Tomorrow's sessions will include sessions on games inputs, Aqua and AppleScript.

The WWDC has already seen one significant announcement – that OS X will ship pre-installed on all Macs – two months ahead of schedule.

Frustrated early adopters of Mac OS X are hoping for another – that OS X drivers for third-party peripherals are in the pipeline.

Keenest among these are early adopters in the professional graphics and design markets, who need to use scanners, digital cameras and printers natively in Mac OS X – rather than rebooting in OS 9.1.